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Gear and Equipment Needed

Included in your Spring registration is a Team jersey, socks, a belt (no belts in tball) and Baseball hat (baseball only) 

What gear/equipment does my child need for baseball or softball?

Every child in Sparks Centennial Little League will need:

• A Glove/Mitt

• A Bat
Wondering what bats are legal? Click here to see's bat policies.

• Cleats or Athletic Shoes
No metal cleats allowed at Golden Eagle

•Batting Helmet
Please note if your child is in softball it will need to be a helmet with a cage! This is required in Minors, Majors and Juniors. It is not required in Farm, but we recommend it.

• Pants
Pants come in a variety of colors. Please wait to buy pants until teams are formed so you can buy the same color as the rest of your team. Color is determined by the coach.

•Gear Bag
We highly recommend a gear bag to help keep all your gear together.

Boys - A Cup
Boys playing the catcher position are required to wear a cup for farm, minors, main, and majors. Ask your coach for more info if needed.

•Batting Gloves
These are optional!